Aboart Us

CanOINKian Comics is about community cartoons. We like to pork fun about life – espigcially life in the community. And if we can do that in a fun, positive way, then that’s the way we want to do it (recognizing though of course that we are pigs).

Corporkorate Social Responsiboarlity

We take Corporkorate Social Responsiboarlity very sowiously. Really. We might be pigs, but we care about our community and the environment.

We aren’t pigfect, we admit, far from it, but we do make an effort. We use 100% recycled paper as much as possible and low energy light bulbs (hey you gotta start somewhere), plus we recycle and re-use like crazy. We also believe strongly in supporking charities and community non-profit organizations, plus other socially responsible businesses and social enterprises. Are we “green?” No, we’re PINK, which is even boartter!

Our Promise (Snouts Honour!)

We believe strongly in giving back to our communities and being corporkorately socially responsiboarle. As a result, we commit to donating 50% of our net profits (if we have any) from 2009 and 2013 to charities in the communities where our cartoons are featured (and obviously paid for – otherwise we won’t have any piggy profits to give away, now would we?)

Our Vision

Despite the fact that pigs generally have poor eyesight, we at CanOINKian Comics do have vision.  Our goal is to have our comics in community papers all across the province of Boarish Columbia with comic content being about life, community events, pigtitious organizations (i.e., imaginary ones that might sound co-oinkidentally similar to real ones, but they aren’t of course), pigtitious community people, and the things we have on our minds. When we say community, now, that can mean the small local community, the regions we live in, the pigvince of Boarish Columbia, the country of Canoinkada or even other parts of the planet – it is a small world after all you know!) We’re starting in Boarish Columbia, our home pigvance, but would love to eventually go right across the entire country ham, and maybe even the whole world! (We’re not being piggy when we say that – we actually just like to share and have as much fun as pigsible).

Aboart Pigs

Despite their reputation, pigs actually aren’t that piggy at all – they are very clean by nature and never let anything go to waste. Yes, that’s true, they don’t have the finest table manners, but they are highly intelligent (more so than many breeds of dogs) and are genetically almost identical to humans (only smarter). Whereas people waste lots of food and create lots of garbage, pigs don’t throw anything out. (Except for when people keep them in unclean conditions), environmentally pigs are very “PINK“, which in case you didn’t know is the new “green.” Whereas humans use chemical lotions to protect their skin from the sun and use energy-consuming air conditioners to keep cool when it’s hot, pigs prefer to just cover themselves with organic, environmentally-friendly mud (similar to what some humans spend hundreds of dollars for at expensive spas). Pigs are also very social and they love to be around other pigs and have fun.

Sow, pigs are smart, very sociable and love to enjoy life. Wouldn’t it be great if more of us acted like pigs? If anyone ever calls you a pig, consider it a compliment!

What’s the purpose of CanOINKian Comics and this website again?

To make people laugh, thoink and loin about life and their community.

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