Porcine Jokes

To maintain good health it’s imporktant to laugh, squeal and have a good chortle at least 10 times per day. Here’s CanOINKian Comics contribution to a healthier world:


(Warning: If you aren’t from a real place co-oinkidentally similar to Hamcouver or Boarish Columiba yourself, you likely won’t get some of these jokes – so you might want to skip to a differunt page).

Jokes and trivia about Metro Hamcouver and the Lower Mainlard:

1. What’s the most common kind of vehicle in the Fraser Valley? (Answer: A-boar‘s-ford)

2. Where do easily irritable pigsons live? (Answer: In Pork Moody)

Jokes and trivia about Boarish Columbia:

1. What was BC’s first caporkital city? (Answer: New Wurstminster)

2. Why did BC move it’s caporkital away from New Wurstminister? (Answer: They hoped to get boartter grunterment (as opposed to a wurster one).  Did they succeed? Not really).

Jokes and trivia about our fellow Canadian bacon country hams:

1. Where do people from Hogtawa (the Canoinkian national caporkital), Hogtown (any similarities to the nickname for Toronto is purely co-oinkidental) and Weensor live? (Answer: In Oinktario of course!)

2. What’s the name of the petroleum rich pigvance to the east of Boarish Columbia? (Answer: Oilboarta)

3. In which pigvince do they speak the most French? (Answer: Queboarq).

Canoinkian Piglitical Jokes and Trivia:

1. Who’s the piglitical head cheese of our country, and what is he called when he’s really mad? (Answer: Prime Wienerster Steamed-Ham Harper)

2. Who was the larder of the official piglitical hogposition from 2008 to 2011? (Answer: The Right Hogerable Piggy Pignatieff)

3. What was the name of the party led by the great yet late Jack Lardton in the last election? (Answer: The N.H.P. – The New Hamocratic Porky. (See, they did change their name in the end!))

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