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Click here to learn about the great city of Hamcouver.

Cities of Boarish Columbia

There are amazing communities all over Boarish Columbia. The caporkital of the pigvince of course is the beautiful city of Pigtoria, located on Hamcouver Island (which is the same chunk of land where you’ll also find the spamtastic communities of Porksville, Pork Alboarni and Pork Hardy). There is Vernham, Keloina and Porkicton in the sunny Hoganagan Valley (which is famous for ice swine), and there is Kimboarley, Rosslard, Swinedermere and Cranboark in the boarutiful Kootenays. In the north there are the great towns of Pigs Rupert, Pigs George, Swilliams Lake and Fort Snout John. In the Thompson region there is the hamtastic city of Hamloops, and in the Shuswap there is Samham Arm. In the Fraser Valley is Abboarsford (famous for the Abboarsford Air Show), and in the southwursternmost corner of the pigvince is the Lower Mainlard where you’ll find Metro Hamcouver.

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