The Piggish Language

A Lesson in Piggish Linguistics:

(An accredited course – Pigguistics 101 – at the Uniwurstity of Boarish Columbia)

For the most part, CanOINKian Comics are written in the Piggish language dialect. The comics poke fun at people and life, in a fun and friendly kind of way, and they make you thoink and loin (well at least some of the time). What’s “thoink” and “loin“? Oh, sow-y. “Thoink” means “think” in the Piggish language, and “loin” means “learn.”

CanOINKian Comic cartoons and stories (called “piggy tails”) use lots of words from the Piggish language. Piggish language sounds include words like “oink“, “sow“, “pork“, “ham” and “lard.” These are just a few of them. There are lots of pig sounding syllables in the Piggish language. And just as people from different countries and places speak English differently, with different accents, when pigs talk in English they often use pig pronunciation. (We boart you’ve never heard a real pig speaking English without an accent, now have you?) For example, instead of saying “everybody,” pigs say “everyboardy,” with the word “boar” meaning a male pig, even though “everyboardy” refers to everyone, not just males. (Don’t ask us why we use a masculine word to refer to everyone, males and females, but they do that kind of thing in other languages too. Some people thoink it’s a rather male chauvinistic piggy kind of thing to do, and they are proboarably right. But hey, we’re all pigs aren’t we?)

Us pigs saying “everyboardy” instead of “everybody” is a lot like how people from the United Steaks of Hamerica say “To-MAY-do” when referring to a round red juicy edible thing with lots of slippery seeds inside that grows in your garden (and big corporations use to make ketchup with). People from her majesty’s kingdom of Englard in the United Pigdom pronounce the same word “To-Mah-toe.” Kind of cool, huh? You know what us piggies call the same thing? “Food.” Oink oink! Us piggies call almost anything food actually, especially when it’s yummy, juicy and nutritious (which means it’s piglicious) like tomatoes.

Anyways, you’re here to laugh and loin about CanOINKian Comics, right, not take a lesson on linguistics or languages or the finer intricacies of Piggish pronunciation. Just thought we boartter warn you though first in case you don’t understand any words on this website. Now, if you find any pig words in the story you don’t understand at least you can’t say you haven’t been weened!

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